On 15.08.19 14:31, David Sommerseth wrote:
> Could you please provide a rationale to why this is needed?  How things works
> now, is that the systemd-journal picks up everything; including various
> additional meta-data which syslog does not support.

The rationale was that when viewing the log with journalctl you only see
the syslog identifier, i.e. "openvpn" and not the full unit name.

> Now you get the log data with: `journalctl -u openvpn-{client,server}@CONFIG}`
> And this also provides filtering possibilities as well, like '-b' (only log
> entries since last boot) or '--since yesterday'.

That's much better actually, there's also the journalctl -o verbose that
shows the _SYSTEMD_UNIT.


Please ignore the patch!


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