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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Thursday 15th August 2019
Time: 20:00 CEST (18:00 UTC)

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cron2, dazo, mattock and ordex participated in this meeting.


Briefly touched on HLK testing. Mattock did some testing with routing
tables and HLK last week, but they did not immediately solve the e2eperf
test problem.


Talked about the other Windows ARM64 laptop provided by Microsoft and
aimed at OpenVPN/tap-windows6 testing. Mattock started a private email
thread with the goal of determining who should have it.


Discussed tomorrow's mini-hackathon. Mattock will attempt to fix the
(Ubuntu) buildslave issue and bring back the Windows buildslave. If time
permits he'll work on HLK as well. Dazo will try to ACK some patches,
but ordex probably won't make it. Cron2 will work on stuff during the


Discussed the "TCP socket backlog set too low" issue:


Agreed that increasing the backlog size makes sense. Cron2 had converted
that idea into a formal patch sent to the mailing list.


Full chatlog attached.


(20:57:09) cron2: seems we're getting close to the real start :)
(20:58:52) mattock: howdy
(21:01:00) cron2: yeeha
(21:01:53) mattock: who do we have here today?
(21:02:11) cron2: dazo was around 45 minutes ago...
(21:05:23) mattock: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/Topics-2019-08-15
(21:05:24) vpnHelper: Title: Topics-2019-08-15 – OpenVPN Community (at 
(21:05:29) dazo: I'm here
(21:05:32) mattock: no particular topics besides the usual ones
(21:05:41) mattock: let's get #1 done quickly
(21:06:10) mattock: so, I did some testing with routing tables and HLK last 
week, but they did not immediately solve the e2eperf test problem
(21:06:24) mattock: but I'm quite confident that we're on the right track, and 
will work on HLK tomorrow in our mini-hackaton
(21:07:02) cron2: I won't have time to actually get anything done during 
daytime tomorrow but will look at things tomorrow evening
(21:07:07) ***ordex is here
(21:07:09) mattock: oh, did I mention that I received the ARM64 Windows laptops?
(21:07:15) cron2: like, at all the ACKs that come in tomorrow :-) *hint hint*
(21:07:33) cron2: mattock1: not here, but I've seen the mail.  nice :)
(21:07:56) mattock: I haven't actually tested openvpn on it yet
(21:09:50) mattock: ok guys so who of you can join tomorrow's mini-hackathon?
(21:10:12) mattock: besides cron2 that is
(21:10:23) dazo: I'll try to do that
(21:10:49) cron2: dazo: nice.  A new round of token patches is waiting :)
(21:11:07) ordex:  i am not sure I will be around - but if I see any highlight 
pointing to me, I'll try to get back asap
(21:12:13) dazo: yeah, spotted those :)
(21:12:56) cron2: then there's the 2.4 libressl patch from m-a, which looks 
very sane (as in "no #ifdef LIBRESSL" but depending on availability of the 
HAVE_TLS1_3 macros)
(21:13:00) mattock: one question regarding the ARM64 laptops: did we decide who 
should get the other one?
(21:13:08) mattock: I mean, I really don't want or need two of them
(21:13:12) mattock: one is more than enough :)
(21:13:24) cron2: I forgot, but maybe my e-mails remember.
(21:13:32) mattock: it was you or rozmansi
(21:13:41) mattock: unless somebody has better ideas
(21:13:54) ordex: mattock1: ask lev__ 
(21:14:01) ordex: he may need one for some wintun development
(21:14:04) cron2: rozmansi
(21:14:20) ordex: unless it's already allocated :)
(21:14:22) mattock: ordex: yeah, that is one option is MS is fine with it
(21:14:49) mattock: so basically whoever is doing release management for 
OpenVPN 2.x (=me) needs one
(21:15:12) cron2: rozmansi is into wintun as well, so lev__ should be able to 
(21:15:17) mattock: yeah
(21:16:20) mattock: I can start an email thread between me, lev, rozmansi and 
(21:16:38) mattock: to figure out who earns that slightly frankensteinian laptop
(21:16:44) mattock: :P
(21:17:24) mattock: need to help carry stuff, will be back in a few mins
(21:20:09) ordex: slavery was not yet defeated in Finland?
(21:20:09) ordex: :P
(21:20:31) ordex: cron2: do you have time to look at the sitnl fixups these 
days too ?
(21:20:45) cron2: just on my way to 1/6, you ruined the surprise :)
(21:20:51) ordex: :D
(21:26:45) mattock: back
(21:27:57) mattock: let me send that email now
(21:30:20) mattock: any particular topics we'd want to discuss today?
(21:30:41) ordex: _o_
(21:30:45) ordex: not me
(21:30:56) mattock: ok
(21:31:07) ***cron2 wants his windows buildbot back, and no errors from the 
other buildslaves...
(21:31:18) mattock: oh yes that is another thing I need to look into tomorrow
(21:31:22) cron2: thanks :)
(21:32:05) mattock: the Windows buildslave is probably not a huge effort (all 
was in a Git repo)
(21:32:17) mattock: so maybe I could even bring it back to life tomorrow, but 
no promises
(21:32:28) cron2: that would certainly be nice :-)
(21:32:32) mattock: I'll take a stab at it, because HLK has a way of sucking 
all the time I give it anyways
(21:32:33) mattock: :P
(21:32:50) cron2: ordex: if you have a bit of brains, you could look at Trac: 
(21:33:14) cron2: trivial patch, and I think it's the way to go, but not sure 
I'm overlooking something
(21:34:23) ordex: the one about listen() ?
(21:34:40) cron2: yep
(21:34:44) ordex: ah yeah seen it
(21:34:49) ordex: what you said makes sense
(21:35:00) ordex: I just wanted to read a bit of the manpage before blessing it
(21:35:23) cron2: :)
(21:37:29) cron2: didn't know we have a gc_reset(), but that is certainly 
useful :)
(21:39:15) cron2: (which does not currently do anything different than 
gc_free(), but the message is different - "I want to keep this gc around, but 
cleanup please")
(21:39:18) ordex: well it's basically an alias for gc_free
(21:39:19) ordex: :D
(21:39:24) cron2: yes :)
(21:39:30) ordex: but yeah
(21:39:58) cron2: +    char *addr_str = (char *)print_in_addr_t(*addr, 0, 
(21:40:06) cron2: why is there a (char*)...?
(21:41:08) cron2: I assume it's to get around a "const" warning, but it 
certainly looks weird - assign a char * to a char *, casting it to a (char *)...
(21:52:31) mattock: anything else for today?
(21:52:48) cron2: nah, ordex has fallen asleep and I'm going down to the sofa 
now as well :)
(21:52:55) mattock: and I need to bike home
(21:53:00) mattock: so, tomorrow it is!
(21:53:02) cron2: will be in IRC tomorrow, but won't have focus
(21:53:02) ordex: whoops I wasn't reading
(21:53:06) cron2: haha
(21:53:10) ordex: :p
(21:53:15) ordex: ordex is the keyword !
(21:53:21) mattock: good to know!
(21:53:36) ordex: will check
(21:53:40) mattock: my keyword seems to be "Samuli Seppänen" (pidgin beeps if 
somebody writes that)
(21:53:44) cron2: so - that patch 3/6 has (char *) casts that look ugly to me, 
and unless there's a convincing reason why we need them, maybe we don't need 
them :-)
(21:53:47) cron2: anyway, see you tomorrow
(21:53:59) mattock: see you tomorrow!

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