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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Thursday 26th September 2019
Time: 20:00 CEST (18:00 UTC)

Planned meeting topics for this meeting were here:


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dazo, lev, mattock, ordex and zx2c4 participated in this meeting.


Discussed broken buildslaves/builds and noted that they still need to be


Discussed relative merits of Buildbot and Jenkins. Dazo has had some
strange issues with Buildbot and upgrading Buildbot might be a worthy
effort. Migrating to Jenkins would be a big effort and it is unclear if
it would be a better solution in our particular use-case.


Noted that mattock still needs to produce a tap-windows6 test installer
with PRs from here:


As mentioned in last week's meeting summary if testing of that installer
goes well and Selva gives his ACK on


we will include the new driver in the OpenVPN 2.4.8 installer.


Discussed the problem of OpenVPN Inc. people getting dragged into
internal projects due to internal pressure and thus unintentionally
deprioritizing community work. The OpenVPN 3 team has recently tried to
allocate Friday for community work. Mattock will attempt to follow suit
going forward.


Agreed that we want wintun in OpenVPN 2.5 installers. According to zx2c4
the upcoming Wintun 1.0 API version will be stable. As far as Wireguard
is concerned the API needs no changes at the moment, but zx2c4 is still
waiting for input from external parties.

Wintun installation can be handled either as Merge Modules (MSM) in an
MSI installer. Or a silent wintun MSI installer can be embedded into an
MSI installer.


Full chatlog attached.
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11:30 CEST.  Agenda at 
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ordex!~linux...@open-mesh.org/batman/ordex a 13:04:22 su 17/09/2019
(21:01:25) ***dazo is here
(21:01:53) mattock: good evening!
(21:02:05) mattock: who are the merry participants today?
(21:03:24) dazo: cron2 couldn't make it, I heard ... technically, plaisthos is 
some kind of holiday iirc, but he has been online earlier today :-P
(21:03:45) dazo: rozmansi said last week he needed a ping :-P
(21:04:49) mattock: rozmansi: ping if you want to join the meeting
(21:05:00) ***dazo pinged ordex and lev__ internally
(21:05:03) mattock: ok
(21:06:15) lev__: hellou
(21:06:44) dazo: \o/ one of three pings responded! :-P
(21:06:49) mattock: that's not all bad
(21:06:57) mattock: so let's see our topic list
(21:07:15) mattock: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/Topics-2019-09-26
(21:07:17) vpnHelper: Title: Topics-2019-09-26 – OpenVPN Community (at 
(21:07:25) mattock: tap-windows6: no progress whatsoever
(21:07:43) mattock: that may be something for tomorrow's mini-hackathon though
(21:07:48) dazo ha scelto come argomento: Next meeting 2/Octt/2019 at 11:30 
CEST.  Agenda at https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/Topics-2019-09-26
(21:07:51) dazo ha scelto come argomento: Next meeting 2/Oct/2019 at 11:30 
CEST.  Agenda at https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/Topics-2019-09-26
(21:08:24) dazo: mattock1: we also need to get some focus on the missing build 
slaves, though
(21:08:31) mattock: and that one
(21:08:38) dazo: now the buildbot machinery is kinda crippled
(21:09:27) lev__: dazo: can we delegate it to our ops team
(21:09:36) dazo: mattock1: ^^^
(21:10:05) mattock: well, all of us in the ops team have boatload of work at 
any given time
(21:10:35) mattock: there's not help there tbh
(21:10:45) lev__: so it is about prioritization
(21:11:01) dazo: actually we should have a serious discussion if we want to 
continue with buildbot .... or if we should consider switching to Jenkins.  The 
"force build" feature works fairly ad-hoc for me; usually only the first time 
but not the second one (which might be needed because some non-code related 
(21:11:01) mattock: yes, and at the moment community stuff tends to get 
deprioritized way too much
(21:11:35) mattock: I'm not sure why force building fails for you - I have not 
had issues
(21:11:52) dazo: yeah, that isn't ideal at all ... which is why Core team tries 
to allocate at least Fridays for these mini-hackathons
(21:12:17) mattock: I may need to do the same, because there's no end in sight 
for the flow of work at ops
(21:12:33) mattock: even if worked 24/7 the work would never end :|
(21:12:36) dazo: mattock1: try forcing a rebuild with the same commit after the 
prior one failing .... 5 of 5 times, those requests went to /dev/null
(21:13:05) mattock: failing because of what?
(21:13:27) dazo: mattock1: I also know Nick would like to help out on the 
community side; not sure if his priorities has shifted ... but worth considering
(21:13:36) dazo: mattock1: I dunno ... it just doesn't happen
(21:13:46) mattock: uh, I abhor jenkins personally
(21:14:13) mattock: I see lots of pains in getting it even running on all the 
operating systems we support
(21:14:22) mattock: slash test with buildbot at the moment
(21:14:31) dazo: Jenkins has been working quite well from a devs perspective 
for Core team
(21:15:19) mattock: I'm sure it is possible to make it work, I'm just not sure 
it is the best solution given all the corner-cases we have in buildbot due to 
OS differences and all that
(21:15:24) dazo: and I can force and re-run jobs as much as I want, I see what 
is piled up in the work queue before it starts working on it (also something I 
don't see in buildbot, so I don't know if jobs have been accepted or is 
deliberately ignored)
(21:15:31) ordex: sorry was on dinner
(21:15:45) dazo: ordex: just bring the wine now! ;-)
(21:15:53) ordex: hehe
(21:16:10) lev__: at least builds for various linux distos can be easily 
handled by jenkins+docker
(21:16:32) mattock: we have solaris, openbsd, freebsd, netbsd plus something 
like 7 linux distros
(21:16:58) mattock: as for nick - I doubt he could pull this off given his 
(21:17:21) mattock: also, is doing a big migration really what we should be 
doing if we're already struggling to even fix simple stuff?
(21:17:25) ordex: dazo: are you sure you are pushing the right button ?
(21:17:40) ordex: sometimes I accidentally go for "cancel these builders" 
rather than "build with these builders"
(21:17:41) mattock: also, I can see what work is queued in buildbot
(21:17:45) ordex: thus doingnothing
(21:18:03) dazo: ordex: well, it worked the first time ... and going to the 
same place the second time doesn't give any results ... so, I believe I do it 
on the right spot
(21:18:18) ordex: hmm ok
(21:18:32) dazo: but the webui is horrendous, it is easy to not scroll far 
enough down ... but the last runs I'm fairly sure I've done the right thing
(21:18:45) mattock: note that our buildbot installation is fairly old
(21:19:07) mattock: upgrading it would almost certainly be much easier than 
switching to completely different system
(21:19:25) mattock: I won't give my opinion on the Jenkins webui here though :D
(21:19:34) dazo: we can sure do that as a first step, to see if these 
annoyances disappears
(21:19:37) ordex: upgrading is good, until it breaks everything :P
(21:19:45) mattock: as is switching systems :D
(21:20:10) ordex: hehe yes
(21:20:22) dazo: it's just that we have broader company knowledge about Jenkins 
these days .... buildbot knowledge is mostly mattock1 nowadays, I think
(21:20:46) mattock: and if we could get the company to work on community that 
might help :D
(21:20:55) mattock: that is the first and foremost problem we seem to have
(21:20:59) dazo: mattock1: if you use the "Blue" interface in Jenkins, it's 
pretty neat
(21:21:12) mattock: I've only seen the default (crappy) one
(21:21:24) mattock: internally jenkins is pile of poop
(21:21:27) mattock: imho
(21:21:37) dazo: that I don't know much about :)
(21:21:41) mattock: lucky you :)
(21:21:48) mattock: anyhow
(21:21:51) mattock: move on maybe?
(21:21:57) ordex: so, should we fix the current problematic slaves for starters 
(21:22:01) ordex: or are we dropping the ball ?
(21:22:02) mattock: yes we should
(21:22:03) mattock: no
(21:22:08) ordex: oky
(21:22:21) mattock: I need to cut myself loose from "generic" ops work, at 
least on a weekly basis
(21:22:30) mattock: get these long overdue things fixed one at a time
(21:22:49) mattock: buildslaves -> tap-windows6 test build -> builder instance 
->  and so forth
(21:23:00) ordex: just get a day like we do and focus on community things ;p
(21:23:10) dazo: that would certainly help (not that I should claim Core team 
has been that much better)
(21:23:29) mattock: well, there's so much internal pressure piling up at all 
times that I can't blame you, only myself
(21:23:41) mattock: and not really myself, either, except for not prioritizing 
a bit
(21:24:05) mattock: so fridays are your "try to work on community things" days?
(21:24:15) dazo: yes, it is
(21:24:22) mattock: that sounds reasonable
(21:24:49) mattock: I will start tomorrow - I can hopefully focus for three 
hours or so
(21:25:04) mattock: due to appointments and meetings not more than that this 
(21:25:12) ordex: that's a good start
(21:25:16) mattock: yep
(21:25:19) ordex: maybe you can fix one or two buildslaves in 3 hours
(21:25:24) ordex: and cron2 will be happy
(21:25:25) ordex: :D
(21:25:30) mattock: well it can be 10 minutes or 2 hours per buildslave
(21:25:35) mattock: depends :P
(21:26:21) ordex: :D
(21:26:23) ordex: right
(21:26:53) mattock: so, what else?
(21:26:55) mattock: 2.5?
(21:27:19) lev__: I really want to get wintun support into 2.5
(21:28:11) mattock: that is a good goal
(21:28:18) lev__: I have been using client with wintun for a week and did some 
performance / stress testing
(21:28:51) lev__: we need someone to review those patches
(21:29:03) dazo: lev__: but we should really ensure we package things 
correctly, so a wintun driver upgrade via a wg install/update breaks openvpn's 
wintun integration
(21:29:51) gcoxmoz: (Is there | can there be) a list of known things blocking 
2.5 going out?
(21:30:11) mattock: the openvpn2.5 status page on trac is the closest one there 
(21:30:18) ordex: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/StatusOfOpenvpn25
(21:30:19) vpnHelper: Title: StatusOfOpenvpn25 – OpenVPN Community (at 
(21:30:26) mattock: the MSI installer rozmansi needs to be revamped
(21:30:30) ordex: but is not up to date
(21:30:31) lev__: dazo: yeah that is something we should decide - do we rely on 
community wintun driver (supported by wintun) or use our "own" by changing 
device id not to conflict with "official" one
(21:30:32) ordex: will update now
(21:31:23) ordex: mattock1: Purge NSIS installers  << is this done ?
(21:32:09) mattock: lemme check
(21:32:09) lev__: can I add wintun support to that page?
(21:32:37) ordex: dazo: struct argv overhaul << was this done ?
(21:32:50) mattock: well, purging NSIS installers can't be done until we have 
new MSI installers
(21:32:53) ordex: dazo: auth-gen-token: Inform client why auth-token was 
rejected << how about this ?
(21:32:57) ordex: mattock1: ok
(21:33:00) mattock: plus it's more like "do not build NSIS for 2.5 anymore"
(21:33:29) dazo: ordex: I need to double check the struct argv overhaul, but I 
do know I sent things for review long time ago
(21:33:38) ordex: ok, so still kinda pending
(21:33:39) ordex: okok
(21:33:50) dazo: ordex: the auth-token-hmac stuff, there is one patch missing 
review ... everything else should have an ack by now
(21:33:55) ordex: ok
(21:36:57) ordex: just updated some text in the table :)
(21:37:02) ordex: anything else?
(21:37:35) dazo: not from my side :)
(21:37:47) mattock: what is the status of the FIPS patches? did we get updated 
patches to ml?
(21:37:56) ordex: i don't think so
(21:39:29) dazo: lev__: in regards to wintun support ... it would be a really 
nasty user experience if users experiences openvpn breaking if wireguard 
updates are installed with newer drivers with incompatible APIs.  I dunno 
enough about if Windows has mechanisms to avoid this except of having multiple, 
non-colliding drivers installed in parallel
(21:39:44) dazo: mattock1: what ordex says ... not heard anything in regards to 
(21:40:42) dazo: I wouldn't put too much stress on FIPS currently ... seems to 
be a fairly scarce user case .... even thought it could probably help getting a 
bigger footprint within government environments, where such certifications are 
much more common
(21:41:21) mattock: does wintun have some sort of auto-update thing going on?
(21:41:36) dazo: it's bundled with wireguard install
(21:41:44) lev__: mattock1: not wintun, but wireguard client does
(21:42:59) lev__: are there companies/products which depend on our 
tap-windows6? how do they solve this problem? (we may update driver and break 
their software)
(21:43:29) dazo: I don't think we've ever added any API changes to our driver
(21:43:52) mattock: hmm
(21:43:57) dazo: the biggest change was when switching to tap-windows6 ... and 
I don't even think that required any changes in openvpn
(21:44:08) mattock: perhaps we need a customly named driver just like with 
(21:44:35) mattock: yeah tap-windowsX has been extremely stable / stale
(21:44:40) mattock: we don't break it because we don't develop it
(21:44:42) mattock: :P
(21:45:01) ***dazo leaves the proper needed magic to the Windows wizards :)
(21:46:19) mattock: yeah it is not a big deal
(21:46:26) mattock: just a change in the inf file if I recall correctly
(21:47:04) mattock: then even if somebody has OpenVPN Wintun and Wireguard 
Wintun side-by-side they should not collide
(21:47:14) mattock: nor would wireguard auto-update cause issues for OpenVPN
(21:47:43) dazo: that would be the ideal setup, yes
(21:47:50) lev__: yep, there is tap-windows6, tapos, fsfreedometap you name it. 
there is "wintun" and could be "openvpnwintun"
(21:47:57) lev__: *tapoas
(21:48:36) dazo: tapas? :-P
(21:49:32) zx2c4: Youre doing it wrong
(21:49:52) zx2c4: We specifically designed the wintun msm to be installable by 
multiple parties
(21:50:01) dazo: nice!
(21:50:02) zx2c4: With installation reference counting
(21:50:08) zx2c4: So we dont uninstall eachother
(21:50:18) zx2c4: It only gets removed on the uninstallation of the last user
(21:50:34) zx2c4: So just bundle the msm into your installer
(21:50:42) mattock: technically we're not yet doing anything, we're just 
planning, so it's good you brought this up :)
(21:50:44) zx2c4: Simon knows exactly what to do there
(21:51:01) lev__: zx2c4: but what happens if you guys update wireguard client 
with new wintun driver with different API ?
(21:51:09) zx2c4: We designed it so that it's 1 line to add to your wix and 1 
line to add to our wix
(21:51:33) zx2c4: 1.0 release means we'll keep the api
(21:51:37) zx2c4: Otherwise its chaos
(21:51:49) zx2c4: Easy to make ioctls versioned internally too
(21:52:24) zx2c4: So use the period now to test the hell out of the thing and 
figure out the complete breadth of ovpn requirements
(21:52:34) zx2c4: And when its ready we'll stamp the 1.0 on it
(21:52:49) zx2c4: Sound good?
(21:54:16) lev__: as mattock1 said, we haven't started working on installer and 
at the moment we rely on a version provided by wireguard
(21:54:19) dazo: zx2c4: Do you have an idea when the 1.0 release would arrive?  
Are there any other big changes happening?
(21:55:01) dazo: (before the 1.0 release)
(21:56:01) zx2c4: dazo: from WireGuard's end, requirements are done. Im waiting 
to learn of you all need anything and for a review of the codebase from some 
third parties
(21:56:46) dazo: zx2c4: cool! Sounds good!  lev__ is the one who would have 
such input though, as he has been working on both openvpn 3 and openvpn 2 code 
bases for wintun support
(21:56:57) zx2c4: lev__: if you want to ship your own more intermediate msi 
before your final one, take a look at the msi example. You should be able to 
churn something acceptable out in 5 minutes using that
(21:57:42) zx2c4: dazo: yes well aware. I generally prefer to talk to him about 
it rather than get embroiled in your openvpninc deceptive stuff
(21:58:38) lev__: zx2c4: I think openvpn still uses NSIS installer, but I can 
probably make it work there by extracting install.dll from msm module and call 
rundll to install/uninstall 
(21:58:57) zx2c4: lev__: mattock1 so anyway - the installer situation should be 
fine without the need to rename it internally. Just let me know when your 
driver requirements start to solidify and ill get the scheduling for third 
party code review stuff underway
(21:59:04) zx2c4: lev__: no!!!!!!
(21:59:07) lev__: but we're moving to msi in 2.5, so naturally we could use msm 
module there
(21:59:23) zx2c4: Read the docs and also our private conversation again
(21:59:32) zx2c4: Do not use installer.dll directly EVER
(21:59:34) mattock: at the moment we rely on rozmansi's MSI work, and the 
previous MSI incarnation can't be used for reasons I can't exactly remember
(21:59:54) zx2c4: Reference counting is done by the msm component
(22:00:09) zx2c4: But! Lots of people shipping wintun use nsis
(22:00:24) zx2c4: And for this its trivial to embed a wintun-only silent msi
(22:00:34) lev__: zx2c4: I see
(22:00:37) zx2c4: Whose lifetime is attached to that of the nsis install item
(22:01:26) zx2c4: Check out the docs for the example msi thing
(22:01:38) zx2c4: People are already using that in production
(22:01:56) lev__: zx2c4: that is good to know, thanks
(22:02:00) zx2c4: And if you encounter sharp corners we can refine it too of 
(22:03:21) mattock: we're 3 minutes overtime
(22:03:32) mattock: enough discussion for today?
(22:03:34) mattock: :P
(22:04:02) dazo: I don't have anything else
(22:04:04) zx2c4: lev__ feel free to message me as always while coding 
(22:05:08) mattock: ok good, I'll send the summary in a few minutes
(22:05:10) lev__: zx2c4: hehe thanks, I will when I start looking into 
installer part
(22:05:15) mattock: see you in tomorrow mini-hackathon
(22:05:23) mattock: I'll join around 11:15 EEST

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