Samuli Seppänen <>:
> The error is pretty clear:
> Error 0x800b0109: A certificate chain processed, but terminated in a
> root certificate which is not trusted by the trust provider.
> Is your computer perhaps behind in Windows updates? My hunch is that
> Digicert's latest root certificate is not availabe in the Windows
> certificate store and this causes the failure.
> Samuli

   thanks for the hint! but I don't know why uninstall/reinstall make
things work?

  our windows 7 update is stay at 2019-8, which is not very far
behind. but we do security-only update to prevent telemetry, I don't
know if that make difference.
  I will try again when windows update mess quiet down. December patch
is always good these years. hope it is the same this year.


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