We at openvpn community are in the middle of reviewing wintun support patches. 
Wintun is an alternative tun driver for Windows (https://www.wintun.net/), 
which performs significantly faster in comparison to existing tap-windows6 
driver. While we could stare at the code, it won’t replace testing by users, so 
we ask for your help.

An information regarding wintun-enabled OpenVPN GUI installer has been added to 
official community download page: https://openvpn.net/community-downloads/.

A few things to consider:

 - this is by no means official OpenVPN Windows release
 - the code is based on master branch, which means it contains not so well 
tested features
 - major parts of wintun support code haven’t underwent community code review 
process, means some things may not work and there could be bugs

To use wintun instead of tap-windows6:

 - add "windows-driver wintun” to .ovpn config file, or
 - add “--windows-driver wintun” to openvpn.exe command line

The signed installers for various Windows versions could be downloaded here: 

Wintun is mostly about performance, you should see the difference starting from 
300-400Mbit/s link. In our tests we were able to achieve 730Mbit/s with 
wintun-enabled OpenVPN GUI client against openvpn2 community server.

We would really appreciate your feedback!

Lev Stipakov
OpenVPN Inc

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