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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Thu 4th June 2020
Time: 20:00 CEST (18:00 UTC)

Planned meeting topics for this meeting were here:


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cron2, dazo, mattock, ordex and plaisthos participated in this meeting.


Noted that mattock had forgot to send out the meeting invite and to
create the topic pages. He fixed that at the beginning of this meeting.


The "not-SSO" patchset is now ready to be merged. Cron2 will do it when
he has a bit of time.


Noted that the IPv6-only patchset should be ready to merge now and it
passes t_server tests already. Cron2 shall eyeball it one more time,
just in case.

Also noted that the planned hacking session between ordex and cron2
worked out great in "I'm in a meeting, you may go away"-sense.


There is now a TestCoverage wiki page:



The two big things missing from 2.5 now are async client-connect and
MSI. Mattock will allocate a full day for MSI next week, as the flow of
infrastructure tasks to him shows no sign of stopping.


Talked about dazo's man-page reformatting patch. Dazo is wondering if
splitting the to-be man-page into several .rst files instead of one
would make sense. Cron2 will try his luck building a man-page with
dazo's new code.


Talked about HackerOne. Mattock was in a meeting with OSTIF and heard
that OpenSSL project has had similar low-quality HackerOne reports
mostly about website issues. Nobody in this OpenVPN community meeting
would feel sorry if we'd lose our HackerOne project.


Noted that some community people have complaints about the openvpn.net
website. It just so happens that dazo and mattock now do monthly
meetings with the corporate website people. So, if anyone has
feedback/rants about OpenVPN website(s) just let dazo or mattock know
and they'll do their best to make things suck less.


Full chatlog attached
(21:01:48) cron2: topic fixed! :)
(21:02:22) mattock: hello
(21:02:24) mattock: thanks!
(21:02:38) mattock: who else?
(21:02:55) cron2: I'm not here
(21:03:29) dazo: I'm here, I hope :-P
(21:03:30) mattock: ok good, then it is just me
(21:03:32) mattock: :D
(21:03:33) mattock: ok
(21:03:43) cron2: mass meeting!
(21:04:55) mattock: dazo: do you know if plaisthos, lev or ordex might be 
(21:05:04) dazo: Just sent them a message
(21:05:20) cron2: since the topic page is not yet existing, shall we just do 
the usual round of "working on it! for real!"? :-)
(21:06:14) dazo: hehe ... yeah
(21:06:33) cron2: but you actually got stuff done, so you can't speak in this 
round :-))
(21:07:01) dazo: I'm still on the man-page project ... it's ready to get some 
quick reviews and tests before I send the patches to the ML
(21:07:50) mattock: wow, I forgot to add the topic pages
(21:07:55) cron2: I saw your ACKs on the "not-SSO" patchset.  It's on my plate 
to be merged, and was planned for "last Sunday/Monday", right after 
ipv6-only...  *that* one turned out to be a bit more stubborn and needed a v5, 
and then I ran out of time
(21:07:59) mattock: I hope I did not forget to send the invites... :P
(21:08:04) cron2: I think I should be able to do this tomorro
(21:08:18) dazo: I've been through lots of the openvpn.8.rst file ... and there 
is some duplicated info, and some things which could use some cleanups ... I'm 
pondering on splitting the file into multiple file which is put together as a 
single man page ... to make it easier to see which section to put options into
(21:08:20) cron2: mattock: well, maybe you didn't send them on purpose? :)
(21:08:27) mattock: could be :)
(21:08:45) mattock: well, I've been bogged down - my infrastructure-related 
workload increased, not reduced this week
(21:09:06) mattock: I'll send the invites out now for the upcoming meetings
(21:10:52) mattock: sent
(21:11:02) mattock: creating topic lists while you discuss other stuff
(21:11:05) mattock: :)
(21:11:44) dazo: some encouragements to have people look at the openvpn.8.rst 
file and and come with suggestions for improvements would be great
(21:13:00) plaisthos: not really here ...
(21:14:57) cron2: but anyway, on the positive side, the ipv6-only patchset has 
been reviewed and reworked last week, and is now "ready for merge".  I intend 
to review and review each patch again (to be sure that no rebase/rework 
accidents happened), but that should be easy.  Passed the t_server test already 
(21:15:52) cron2: on the "testing coverage", I've started a bit on 
https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/TestCoverage but this needs way more 
input (and possibly even a different format)...
(21:15:54) vpnHelper: Title: TestCoverage – OpenVPN Community (at 
(21:16:01) dazo: nice ... so ... the asymmetric compression and MSI are the hot 
potatoes now?
(21:16:13) cron2: async cc shouldn't really be hard
(21:16:25) cron2: uh
(21:16:33) cron2: asymmetric compression shouldn't be hard
(21:16:49) cron2: the big open thing is "MSI" and "async client-connect", which 
is close enough to "asymm comp" that I mistyped
(21:17:16) dazo: oh, there's async client-connect as well
(21:17:28) ***ordex is here !
(21:17:32) dazo: \o/
(21:17:34) mattock: hi ordex!
(21:17:37) ordex: hi
(21:17:39) cron2: hi ordex
(21:17:43) plaisthos: I am more afk than here
(21:17:46) ordex: hi²
(21:18:38) mattock: I will allocate one full day for MSI next week, so that I 
know if more time is needed
(21:19:29) mattock: the flood of other works has not clear end in sight
(21:20:18) cron2: sounds like a workable plan.  (Just as a note: arranging a 
timeslot with ordex to focus on "now we do *this*" turned out to be a very good 
idea - I could push away all other stuff with "I have a meeting now, leave me 
alone" and we got stuff done)
(21:20:43) ordex: yap yap
(21:21:06) mattock: \o/
(21:21:32) cron2: I do not have much else to say, and I'm way too tired for 
meaningful patchwork review
(21:21:38) ordex: it turned out to be longer than the 2 hours we had planned, 
but it was good anyway
(21:21:51) cron2: yes
(21:22:26) dazo: cron2: whenever you get a chance to test the 
dev/man-reformatting branch on the host you do your 'make distcheck' steps 
would be valuable
(21:23:22) cron2: uh... I think I totally forgot to do "make distcheck" on the 
last few 2.4 releases... :-)
(21:23:40) dazo: how did you produce the tarballs?  just 'make dist'?
(21:23:54) cron2: "tag, push --all --tags, hey mattock, stuff is done!"
(21:24:14) dazo: hmmmmm .... how did mattock generate the tarballs? ;-)
(21:24:19) cron2: all "building of things that are then signed and put 
somewhere" happens on mattocks side :-)
(21:24:35) cron2: I assume with "make dist(check)" :)
(21:24:40) mattock: yes
(21:24:45) dazo: When I did the releases, I did the 'make distcheck' step and 
gave mattock the tarball 
(21:25:03) cron2: *that* ended up in having multiple tarballs with conflicting 
signatures, so I don't :)
(21:25:22) dazo: ahh right
(21:25:37) mattock: yep
(21:25:46) dazo: anyhow, the change I've done is to generate man page and the 
html file from the .rst file during 'make dist(check)'
(21:25:50) mattock: it was easier to just add that part to my release script
(21:25:57) cron2: but I *should* do the distcheck, to be sure we haven't 
overlooked any new files that should be bundled
(21:26:02) ***cron2 makes mental note
(21:27:05) dazo: But that generation is only happening *if* the python-docutils 
is available .... If that is missing, 'make clean' will _not_ remove those 
generated files ... but not sure how it behaves directly from a git tree 
without those files generated ...
(21:27:21) cron2: I need to test that, right
(21:28:32) cron2: now if I knew how "python-docutils" translates to gentoo 
ebuilds or freebsd pkgs
(21:28:56) cron2: dev-python/docutils
(21:28:57) cron2: that was easy
(21:29:06) dazo: yeah, that sounds right
(21:29:10) cron2: py37-docutils
(21:29:16) cron2: also not hard
(21:29:49) dazo: yay!
(21:31:24) cron2: plaisthos: in case you're looking at your keyboard :-) - do 
you have time next week to debug auth-token related funnies?
(21:31:32) cron2: and come up with patches :-)
(21:32:11) cron2: (explicit-exit-notify breaks auth-token clients today, and my 
colleagues managed to produce other breakage as well, which smells similar "the 
client stops updating the token it sends to the server")
(21:32:20) plaisthos: not yet, sorry
(21:32:28) cron2: "have time next week"
(21:32:33) cron2: not "had time last week" :)
(21:40:44) mattock: good question :)
(21:44:14) mattock: plaisthos ran away?
(21:44:28) mattock: I have a topic
(21:44:32) cron2: seems like it, and everyone else fell asleep :)
(21:44:40) mattock: I was in a meeting with OSTIF.org and discussed hackerone
(21:44:50) mattock: there was an openssl developer there as well
(21:45:19) mattock: the openssl project's experience with hackerone was pretty 
much the same as ours
(21:45:19) cron2: and...?
(21:45:22) cron2: ah
(21:45:31) mattock: =lots of website reports, nothing really worthwhile
(21:47:29) mattock: I suppose nobody would be sorry if we stopped receiving 
HackerOne reports, should it go away?
(21:47:58) cron2: I would totally miss the reports about your website being 
totally insecure!
(21:48:24) cron2: (but I can have wiscii or ecrist rant in #openvpn-devel for a 
bit on how horrible the corp site is and that it's totally neglecting the 
community side of things)
(21:49:00) mattock: btw. that gives rise to another topic
(21:49:16) mattock: dazo and are in a monthly meeting with the corp website 
(21:49:19) mattock: now
(21:49:23) mattock: tomorrow is the next one
(21:49:46) mattock: so, if there is any ranting it can be directed to dazo or 
me, and we will relay the rants to corp website people
(21:49:56) mattock: those responsible of doing design etc.
(21:50:07) mattock: page layouts, content, etc.
(21:51:28) cron2: it's all totally horrible.  I think.  All modern websites are 
(21:51:36) dazo: hehehe
(21:52:09) cron2: but on a similar tangent - does one of you want to answer 
these "Orca Security" people?
(21:52:21) dazo: Yeah, we're tracking this 
(21:52:26) cron2: I find it totally interesting that your AWS instances have a 
bug in their *WIFI* driver.
(21:52:37) cron2: never knew AWS was secretly using wifi!
(21:52:41) dazo: hehehe
(21:52:41) mattock: well, they probably bundle a linux kernel which happens to 
have the module
(21:52:45) mattock: :)
(21:53:09) dazo: but there are some kernel flaws which can be abused if the 
driver is loaded, regardless if the hardware is present or not
(21:53:15) cron2: it looks like it, yes - "look, you are using 4.something, 
which is KNOWN to have 145 security issues, so we just list them all!"
(21:53:17) dazo: so we need to double check this
(21:53:44) cron2: why would the driver be loaded...?
(21:53:48) dazo: but the magnitude of checking all the variants of AS servers 
is hilarious .... it's the same base image
(21:53:59) dazo: could be autoloaded for some reason
(21:54:27) plaisthos: that report mention something like "when receiving a 
station frame" or something
(21:54:47) dazo: heh ... well, then it is not really applicable
(21:58:30) mattock: I heard that one time Google dumped a total of 2000 such 
(potential) security vulnerability reports to the Linux kernel project 
(21:58:48) mattock: "please fix, some of these may be valid, we found them with 
our new fuzzer"
(21:58:52) cron2: ouch
(21:58:52) mattock: or something along those lines
(21:59:19) dazo: I don't think they'll do that again :-P
(21:59:44) mattock: I hope they'd actually review them themselves and provide 
(21:59:48) mattock: in the future
(21:59:57) mattock: anyhow, 1 minute left
(22:00:04) mattock: are we done?
(22:00:21) cron2: I was done for the day before we started *yawn* :-)
(22:00:38) mattock: sounds like "yes"
(22:00:44) dazo: yeah, sounds good :)
(22:00:47) mattock: I have the summary ready so let's call it a day
(22:00:55) mattock: good night guys!
(22:00:57) cron2: *wave* good night :)
(22:00:58) ordex: thanks!

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