I am seeking clarification on licensing, judging from OpenVPN 2.5.X
(meaning latest 2.5).

1. mbedTLS licensing compatibility. AFAICS, mbedTLS is currently under
dual Apache License 2.0 and GPLv2, - while
OpenVPN is under GPLv2-only license (not the "or any later version")
clause, as of 2.5.4, where the mbedTLS future license will be Apache
License 2.0 only - this will be incompatible with GPLv2 but not GPLv3.

2. LZO vs. LibreSSL. As far as I can see, Markus FXJ Oberhumer granted a
license to link LZO with OpenSSL, but not any other library under the
OpenSSL license, so I take it that LibreSSL and LZO cannot be combined
into one OpenVPN link, unless LibreSSL ships as part of the operating
system (that's a coarse rewording of the GPLv2 clause 3).

Are there any further licenses or permissions (= restriction exceptions)
granted to OpenVPN that I have missed and am unaware of?

Any other license incompatibilities that the public should be aware of?

Matthias Andree

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