On Sat, Oct 12, 2013 at 06:30:36PM +0200, Davide Brini wrote:
> This patch allows inlining of the --auth-user-pass directive, so it is now
> possible to do
> <auth-user-pass>
> myusername
> mypassword
> </auth-user-pass>

So, after close to 9 years, we finally managed to get that functionality
in, hooray :-)

commit 7d48d31b8226d5e
Author: Antonio Quartulli <a...@unstable.cc>

    auth-user-pass: add support for inline credentials

commit 39619b7fab213e9
Author: Antonio Quartulli <a...@unstable.cc>

    get_user_pass_cr: get password from stdin if missing inline

this will be in 2.6.0, to be released "this year".


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