On Mon, Dec 26, 2022 at 08:50:33PM +0100, Arne Schwabe wrote:
> Am 08.09.21 um 00:31 schrieb selva.n...@gmail.com:
> > From: Selva Nair <selva.n...@gmail.com>
> > 
> > The message
> > "ERROR: The 'foo' commmand is not supported by current daemon mode"
> > is repeatedly used in manage.c. Move it to a function for uniformity
> > in messaging.
> > 
> > v3, v3: no change
> Acked-By: Arne Schwabe <a...@rfc2549.org>
> This patch currently has a conflict since PF code was removed. I will 
> let Gert decide if he wants to adjust the patch or a rebased v4.

This patch set was left way too long out in the sun to dry...  I will
adjust this ("remove the hunk that deals with client-pf"), trivial 

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