Am 22.12.22 um 10:53 schrieb Gert Doering:
TCP multipoint servers with Linux-DCO can crash under yet-unknown
circumstances where a TCP socket gets handed to the kernel (= userland
shall not acceess it again) but the socket still lands in the event
polling mechanism, and is passed to link_socket_read() with
sock->fd being "-1" (SOCKET_UNDEFINED).

This is a bug, but it happens very unfrequently so not fixed yet.

When this happens, the server gets stuck in an endless loop of
"trying recvfrom(-1, ..), getting an error, looging that error,
continue" until the server's disk is full.

The situation is being made a bit more complex by the dco-win
approach of treating "all kernel sockets as UDP", so the Linux
implementation tries to access the -1 socket as UDP, confusing
the picture more.

As a bandaid to avoid the crash, this patch changes

  - socket.h: only do the "if dco_installed, treat as UDP" for WIN32

  - socket.c: add ASSERT(sock->fd >= 0); checks to all UDP socket paths
    (we should never even hit those as this is a TCP specific problem,
    but in the "sock->fd = -1" case, doing a clean server abort is
    preferred to "the disk is full with non-helpful logfiles, and then
    the server crashes anyway")

  - socket.c: in the TCP read function, link_socket_read_tcp(),
    check for sock->fd < 0 and trigger "sock->stream_reset = true"
    (+ write to the log what happened).

This change will kill this particular TCP client instance (SIGTERM),
but leave the rest of the server running fine - and given that
in our tests this issue seems to be triggered by inbound TCP RST
in just the wrong moment, so the TCP connection is gone anyway, it
seems to be "a properly-sized bandaid".

Github: OpenVPN/openvpn#190

Acked-By: Arne Schwabe <>

Even though I rather would like to fully understand the issue, this bandaid fix is better than right now when the time is pressing.


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