Meeting summary for 14 February 2024:

* *Updated: Pending Buildbot PRs* (Add license file) (changeFilter) (smoketest)
  /#33 has been merged. #32 has been merged, it was required to reset the 
   database to get it working. #31 still pending/

* *New: Debian snapshot packages*
  Buildbot builds Debian packages, but they are not stored or even published
  /mattock will work on this and produce a PoC. Looking into aptly. The current
   freight setup used for official releases on is old and

* *Updated: Wiki migration*
  /Consensus seems to be that we should continue with Wiki.js. mattock will
   continue work on the PoCs and let djpig/uddr know when he is ready to
   move into the actual community infrastructure./

* *Updated: Server Side Testing*
  /No updates. Still not agreed on meeting./

* *New: Easy-rsa in Windows installers*
  easy-rsa has included pre-built Windows binaries for a long time. But with
  Windows 11 they do not seem to work correctly anymore in some cases. There
  is a plan to switch to a current version of busybox.exe instead.
  But the required changes to the Windows installer raise the question whether
  it is actually worth the effort? Does anyone use the included easy-rsa on
  /Decided to ask on openvpn-users ml and forums if people really care about
   easy-rsa in the Windows installers. Depending on the feedback we might
   drop it from the installer./

* *Closed: 2.6.9*
  /Release was done on Monday/

  Frank Lichtenheld

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