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Change subject: Allow to skip tests

Patch Set 2: Code-Review-1



I think this is a useful patch but there seems to be a bit of friction to 
overcome :-)

File src/openvpn/error.h: :
PS2, Line 39: #endif
I don't like this, for two reasons - we protect unistd.h via `HAVE_UNISTD_H`, 
not via "not windows", and also this is really a separate project, moving out 
includes from `"syshead.h"` to the parent C file because some compilers 

File tests/ :
PS2, Line 301: SKIP_
> Like all the other test settings this is defined in the t_client.rc. […]
Having an example would certainly help people setting this up for their first 
time. :
PS2, Line 325:         eval $test_check_skip || {
while this certainly works, the `|| {` style is quite different from the very 
traditional `if/then/fi` style of the rest of the script.  So I'm a bit 
undecided what to think about it.

    if eval $test_check_skip ; then :
        output ...
is not as compact, but might be easier to grok?

File tests/unit_tests/openvpn/mock_msg.c: :
PS2, Line 94: endif
> assert_failed is defined in error. […]
Not sure I understand why we have cmocka specific .c files with #ifdef 
NO_CMOCKA?  Is this ever used outside the unit test context?

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