Il 17/10/2016 11:50, Ralf Hildebrandt ha scritto:
> * Samuli Seppänen <>:
>> Hi,
>> Should we have a separate apt repository for "unstable" apt packages?
> Yes please. Do have a look at how dovecot does it:
> there is "stable" and "testing"

Thanks to all for the feedback. Based on it the most flexible approach 
would probably be to have four different repositories:

"testing": tracks latest release, including all alphas/beta/rcs
"stable": tracks latest stable release (2.3.x/2.4.x)
"release/2.3": tracks latest 2.3.x release
"release/2.4": tracks latest 2.4 release (including alphas/beta/rcs)

The current apt repository would become "release/2.3" to minimize 
surprises. In all cases the package name would be "openvpn". A user 
could have several of these repositories enabled at the same time - apt 
would then just default to the latest version.

Right now Debian package building is not fully automated, but when it 
is, having a "snapshots" repository would make sense.

I'd rather not allow several different OpenVPN packages to co-exist on a 
single computer (e.g. "openvpn-2.3" and "openvpn-2.4"): that tends to 
complicate packaging without any significant benefits. I believe this 
approach is mostly used in cases where different application versions 
are (protocol)incompatible, and users need to be able to use both 

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