On 08/02/18 09:15, Samuli Seppänen wrote:
Il 07/02/2018 21:58, David Sommerseth ha scritto:
On 07/02/18 20:32, Илья Шипицин wrote:
After auth-token were introduced, when user press "Reconnect", it leads to
auth fail (saved password is forgotten), we run about 1000 users, nobody
This is actually expected, I'd say - but smells like a bug on the server side

Selva may correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding of it when clicking
"Reconnect", the local OpenVPN process which caches the auth-token is stopped
and a new OpenVPN process is started.  The client should in this case ask for
username/password again.  So in this case, the server side should treat this
connection as a fresh connection with no initial state.

The step of stopping the local client and starting a new and fresh one is
definitely not a bad feature to have on clients.

It looks like nobody uses that button.

So, I asked several users, they confirmed they do not use Reconnect.
This is no good argument for me.  This is one specific setup with 1000 users.
It would be more valuable with 50 different setups having 20 users each.  Your
conclusion is based on a very homogeneous environment.
I agree. I also agree that the underlying problem should be fixed.

That said, Ilya's message was sent to both openvpn-users and
openvpn-devel and nobody has screamed "do not remove the Reconnect
button" :). The only additional thing we can do is post a message to the
forums. As usual, the only sure way to get feedback (read: complaints)
is to release the changes in an official build/installer.

I won't be screaming "Don't remove that button" as I don't use OpenVPN on Windows that often, but I __DO__ find that button to be quite handy in the Windows GUI. I remember writing an OpenVPN book where I had to test and debug an OpenVPN setup on Windows and I found myself hitting that 'reconnect' button over and over. Of course, this was (probably?) all before auth tokens and I certainly did not use things like one-time passwords, but removing that button would have made the GUI much more annoying to me.



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