Hi all,

I am trying to use the push-peer-info directive so as to push a custom
variable from client to server.

What I have done is:

at client side:

setenv UV_TERM 3G

at server side i tried both with push-peer-info and without push-peer-info.

Prepared a quick script on server to call it on client connect and check
variables being passed:


echo "$( date +%m/%d/%Y-%H:%M:%S
>> ${logfile}
exit 0

I am getting at log:

It seems that I am not able to push the UV_TERM variable to the server.
My purpose is to have a way to say to the server what type of link is used
for the VPN so as to log it.

Has anyone been successful with this?
I am missing sth?

Thank you very much,
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