Add a way to easily disable the schema validation. I will disable this 
feature in the VPN management form.

After this you should get started with defining your project idea asap so 
you will be ready to start soon.


On Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 6:39:27 PM UTC+2, GASTON CHE wrote:
> Hello Guys,
>           I have been working on this for the past two days and have been
> getting very funny outcomes. I have tried to use a  custom instance of ajv
> with the advanced mode json editor to no avail.
>           The strange thing with my tests is the fact that  when I use an
> instance of the jsonEditor with out of the django-netjsonconfig with the
> same configs as with the configs as within the django-netjsonconfig, it
> does validate correctly. SO right now I don't understand what is wrong. But
> At least now I know the problem is not with the advanced editor itself. I
> am using the same files for the test instance as with the netjsonconfig so
> I am positive that it was supposed to produce the same result.
>           I would like some ideas if any on what may be the problem here.
>  however i continue trying other tests to find out what is the difference.
> On Monday, 15 May 2017 06:16:24 UTC+1, GASTON CHE wrote:
>> I have taken the past few days to go through the basic json-editor code. 
>> I found out they don't use any validation library, rather have implemented 
>> their own json validation directly into the editor. So There is no AJV from 
>> there that can be used to customize the advanced editor.
>> So my next steps will be to go through the ajv library and understand the 
>> options i have so as to be able to escape the warnings we are getting with 
>> the vpn config section. Since the validation warnings are actually being 
>> thrown by the ajv in the editor, and not the editor itself. However i Will 
>> need to understand the reason y that warning is being thrown.

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