Week 14 of GSOC with openWisp has been great. I have been able to submit 
yet another PR this week with improvements on the developer interface and 
the links between the various modules of the editor.

              I am currently testing the editor with configurations gotten 
from a shared instance account of openWisp2 created by @nemesisdesign.  I 
have had a big barrier so far because my changes to the react-liform 
library ave to take very long to get approved. However thanks to a 
suggestion from my mentor I will be using my fork of the liform-react repo 
to work on the editor. I will however continue submitting my PRs to the 
repo for the possibility of upgrading once they are merged later.

This week has been overall good for me though i have been greatly held up 
by school. I am doing my best to cover up for all the time i loose while 
going to school.
Have a great weekend everybody.

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