Hi everyone,

we recently got the news that this year Google will fund the trip of 1
mentor for each organization to visit Google HQ to meet the winners (I
didn't even know this until 2 weeks ago!).

Google lets organization admins decide who to send. I want to establish a
process which will give a good incentive for future mentors: let the
winners decide who they would like to meet based on the amount of
interaction they had with their favorite mentors.

Now, for this edition, we all know who has been very active, active and not
very active, so the result will be no secret. But hopefully the next
editions will be different!

So, Aditya and Aarnav, please cite the 2 mentors you have interacted most
during the program and you feel you learnt most from.

   - if one name matches, that will be the mentor
   - if no name matches, I will ask you to cite 2 more names
   - if both name matches, we'll handle it in private in a group chat to
   decide who should go with you

I hope there's consensus on establish this process, if anyone has anything
to say in merit, please do!

Best regards
Federico Capoano

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