Hi Team,

I have a requirement of uploading a file in the template, which will 
eventually be downloaded on the device. 

For that I've added the following in the django-netjsonconfig schema

        "Upload": {
>              "type": "object",
>              "title": "Upload",
>              "propertyOrder": 21,
>              "minItems": 1,
>              "maxItems": 1,
>              "properties": {
>              "files": {
>              "type": "string",
>              "format": "file",
>              "title": "Upload File"
>                 },
>          },
>         },

When I try  to create a new template, I'm able to view the file upload 
button correctly. But once I save this config and try to view the template 
once again the 'Configuration Menu' breaks. Is there any way to find out 
why that happens?

I've attached the 2 screenshots for reference.


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