The command config_get_bool allows a fourth parameter which defines a default 
value. At many places it would be very useful if the plain three-parameter 
version of config get supported such a parameter as well, that saves a bunch 
of [ -z "$foo" ] checks in my scripts. 

In bug 5636 [0] you can find some patches: The first [1] introduces an 
optional fourth parameter to config_get. That patch could be backported to 
8.09 branch. 

The next four patches [2,3,4,5] apply this four-parameter version in, init.d/boot, init.d/led and init.d/fstab. 

Finally there's another patch [6] to /lib/network/ which also 
includes some refactoring moving around some code and localizes a lot of 
variables which weren't so before. The changes don't spread over more than two 
hunks per refactoring.




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