This problem has also been discovered in the hardware hacking forum with 
wr841nd, and I had it on my wr1043nd (ar9132) 
( The "solution" I found to 
be somehow working is to put a simple usb hub in between. But I would prefer to 
see a fix of the driver instead.

Vince Huang schrieb:
> Actually,I don't have a WR703N,but I got a 3G router with 4lan 1wan and a usb 
> port named wr743n v2 for Chinese market which also based on ar9331 soc.
> When I plug a HDD Dock with a 2TB WD Green HDD to it's usb port and then 
> write big files(>500MB) through vsftp to reach 9-10mb/s transfer rates.The 
> device hang and reboot.However,the same dock works very fine on 
> wr843n(ar9341).
> Full serial messeges:
> It has been confirmed that two friends who have wr703Ns tried and found the 
> same problem.
> Sincerely hope that juhosg and other gurues can fix it.
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