On Friday, June 05, 2015 02:18:22 PM Dave Taht wrote:
> TX delay setting? What else can it do?
Can't tell. Atheros' ethernet driver source is available
in the GPL source for this device (but I guess this is 
nothing special. Version is: s17_ssdk_v1.0.4p1). 

> My dream has been to find a way to set the tx completion interrupt
> to only return with a soft set rate. So if I had a gigE connection
> but my uplink was only 10Mbits, it would return the interrupt
> after 1.3ms had expired.
> this would let me get away entirely from using software rate limiting
> with htb, just program a register once with the uplink rate, and
> let bql and fq_codel handle the rest.
I don't know if the rate limiting implementation you describe would
be possible to implement or not. But, the vendor driver has some 
code to setup some hardware rate limiting in "athrs_qos.c". 

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