Well, before I write out a formal proposal… What about storing Openwrt configs 
natively in YANG and then synthesizing appropriate config files out of that for 
various subsystems (Ssh, network, firewall, DHCP, etc)?

We would probably need bi-directional conversion from YANG to UCI, etc. so that 
if someone pushed a config into the box using Netconf, but then ssh’d into it 
and looked at the UCI files, the UCI files would be coherent with the 
“authoritative” configuration.

Likewise, if someone edited the UCI and then restarted a subsystem, the YANG 
source-of-truth would get upgraded internally (and be visible in LUA, etc).

For certain things, UCI is a bit limiting in terms of what sort of 
configuration state you can express.

Especially if there are multiple levels of nesting.

And yes, I realize I just contradicted myself: I’m advocating for more powerful 
configurations which *couldn’t* then be re-exported back into UCI.  Maybe it’s 
worth abandoning UCI altogether?

Or having an import script which ingests and converts your UCI and then deletes 

Don’t know.  These seem like the sort of questions to be looked at during a 
GSoC project.


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> What is Google Summer of Code?
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> Andi
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