On 04/12/2018 09:10 PM, Erik Andersen wrote:
A small patch to iwinfo is needed to properly detect and report the
Marvell 88W8964 and 88W8887 chipsets in the wrt3200acm. This trivial
patch against the latest iwinfo git tree works for me.

Signed-off-by: Erik Andersen <ander...@codepoet.org>
diff --git a/hardware.txt b/hardware.txt
index 81b31cf..098551f 100644
--- a/hardware.txt
+++ b/hardware.txt
@@ -59,3 +59,5 @@
  0x1814 0x3052 0x1814 0x0008    0      0  "RaLink"   "Rt3052"
  0x1814 0x3352 0x1814 0x000c    0      0  "RaLink"   "Rt3352"
  0x11ab 0x2a55 0x11ab 0x0000    0      0  "Marvell"  "88W8864"
+0x11ab 0x2b40 0x11ab 0x0000    0      0  "Marvell"  "88W8964"
+0x02df 0x9135 0x0000 0x0000    0      0  "Marvell"  "88W8887"

How does one get a patch actually committed
to the git tree?  Does iwinfo have a maintainer?


Erik B. Andersen
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