On Sat Apr 14 23:31:28 CEST 2018 Erik Andersen wrote:
> How does one get a patch actually committed
> to the git tree?  Does iwinfo have a maintainer?

jow is the maintainer for iwinfo, as said in its package Makefile.


FYI, I noticed the recent forum discussion and modified the propsed patch for my own builds by adding chip ID also for QCA9984, enabling proper recognition for some of the ipq806x devices like R7800.

It would be great to add more new wifi chips to the iwinfo database, so that more routers would have properly named radios.

--- a/hardware.txt
+++ b/hardware.txt
@@ -55,7 +55,10 @@
 0x168c 0x0033 0x168c 0xa120    0      0  "Atheros"  "AR9580"
 0x168c 0x0033 0x168c 0xa136    0      0  "Atheros"  "AR9580"
 0x168c 0x003c 0x0000 0x0000    0      0  "Qualcomm Atheros" "QCA9880"
+0c168c 0x0046 0x168c 0xcafe    0      0  "Qualcomm Atheros" "QCA9984"
 0x1814 0x3050 0x1814 0x0005    0      0  "RaLink"   "Rt3050"
 0x1814 0x3052 0x1814 0x0008    0      0  "RaLink"   "Rt3052"
 0x1814 0x3352 0x1814 0x000c    0      0  "RaLink"   "Rt3352"
 0x11ab 0x2a55 0x11ab 0x0000    0      0  "Marvell"  "88W8864"
+0x02df 0x9135 0x0000 0x0000    0      0  "Marvell"  "88W8887"
+0x11ab 0x2b40 0x11ab 0x0000    0      0  "Marvell"  "88W8964"

Additionally, LuCI could be enhanced to show the correct radio chip also on the router overview page, not only in the network/wifi page. network/wifi has been calling iwinfo hardware_type, but router overview has skipped that and has only shown "Generic" as set by wifidev.get_i18n

The proper ID could be enabled with a small change to luci-base package:

--- a/modules/luci-base/luasrc/model/network.lua
+++ b/modules/luci-base/luasrc/model/network.lua
@@ -1429,6 +1429,10 @@ end

 function wifidev.get_i18n(self)
        local t = "Generic"
+       local hw = self.iwinfo.hardware_name
+       if hw ~= "Generic MAC80211"  then
+               t = hw
+       end
        if self.iwinfo.type == "wl" then
                t = "Broadcom"

I will likely do a LuCI PR about that and discuss it with jow. (Not quite sure if there performance issues in adding that iwinfo call to the repeatedly refreshed overvie page)
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