On 2018-05-17, John Crispin wrote:
> On 17/05/18 13:47, Ram Chandra Jangir wrote:
> > Thanks  Michael for confirming this,
> >
> > Can you please help to update the kernel partition size to 4MB for R7800 
> > and send it as patch to community (lede-...@lists.infradead.org)?
> > This will help to enable kernel v4.14 for all ipq806x based boards.  
> hang on, that would break sysupgrade or not ?

At least for the NAND based devices with a 2 MB kernel partition:

- Netgear Nighthawk X4 D7800
- Netgear Nighthawk X4 R7500
- Netgear Nighthawk X4 R7500v2
- Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800

SPI-NOR based devices should migrate transparently:

- TP-Link Archer C2600
- TP-Link Archer VR2600v

Not affected:

- Compex WPQ864 (merged ubi on NAND)
- Linksys EA8500 (kernel partition 3 MB on NAND)
- Qualcomm IPQ8064/DB149 (merged firmware partition, SPI-NOR)
- ZyXEL NBG6817 (kernel partition 4 MB on eMMC/ GPT partitions)

Unknown, probably not affected:

- Qualcomm IPQ8064/AP148 (NAND, partitioning derived from qcom-smem)

The Netgear/ NAND devices will need installing the differently 
partitioned image via tftp, therefore it might make sense to migrate
ipq806x to qca8k/ dsa around the same time, given that the existing
configs can't be kept over the upgrade anyways.


Devices successfully tested with this patch/ kernel 4.14:

- Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800
  tftp 'recovery' needed to apply the new partitioning, patches for
  DTS and image code needed
  tested by: Michael Yartys <michael.yar...@protonmail.com>
  Message-ID: <mailman.7267.1525467398.2282.lede-...@lists.infradead.org>
- TP-Link Archer C2600
  smooth transition, patches for DTS and tplink-safeloader needed
  tested by: Joris de Vries <j.s.de.vr...@gmail.com>
  Message-Id: <e30ace8a-b750-4df7-b42d-e9447425b...@gmail.com>
- ZyXEL NBG6817
  smooth sysupgrade, no patches or other changes needed
  tested by: Stefan Lippers-Hollmann <s....@gmx.de>
  Message-ID: <20180504214003.61bbd2be@mir>

I've been running my nbg6817 successfully on kernel 4.14 for a bit over 
two weeks now, no issues at all.

It is still possible to drop the kernel size to 2'097'152 byte by


But that's exactly on the limit for 2 MB, so it will overflow sooner
than later, probably at the most inconvenient time. While
[PATCH] ipq806x: cleanup kernel config
Message-Id: <1526561729-32032-1-git-send-email-rjan...@codeaurora.org>
should extend the headroom a bit more, extending the size of the kernel
partition for the affected Netgear devices will be needed in the future
either way, probably with the next minor kernel bump at the latest.

        Stefan Lippers-Hollmann

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