18.05.2018 17:25, Lev:

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Can anything else than NAND flash have bad blocks? If no, are we still using jffs2 on top of NAND anywhere.

  package/system/mtd/src/jffs2.c | 10 ++++++++++
  1 file changed, 10 insertions(+)

diff --git a/package/system/mtd/src/jffs2.c b/package/system/mtd/src/jffs2.c
index b432f64ac0..5bf3eec328 100644
--- a/package/system/mtd/src/jffs2.c
+++ b/package/system/mtd/src/jffs2.c
@@ -308,6 +308,16 @@ int mtd_write_jffs2(const char *mtd, const char *filename, 
const char *dir)
        for(;;) {
                struct jffs2_unknown_node *node = (struct jffs2_unknown_node *) 
+ while (mtd_block_is_bad(outfd, mtdofs) && (mtdofs < mtdsize)) {
+                       if (!quiet)
+                               fprintf(stderr, "\nSkipping bad block at 0x%08x   
", mtdofs);
+                       mtdofs += erasesize;
+                       /* Move the file pointer along over the bad block. */
+                       lseek(outfd, erasesize, SEEK_CUR);
+               }
                if (read(outfd, buf, erasesize) != erasesize) {
                        fdeof = 1;

Definitely a matter of taste, but I prefer to move the overflow check out of the while condition + an error message if all blocks are bad.

Furthermore, shouldn't we return an error if all blocks are bad, instead of processing the further code (goto done;)?

Basically something like:

/* get the first not bad block */
if (mtd_can_have_bb(outfd))
    while (mtd_block_isbad(outfd, mtdofs)) {
        if (!quiet)
            fprintf(stderr, "Skipping bad block at 0x%08x\n", mtdofs);

        mtdofs += erasesize;

        if (mtdofs < mtdsize) {
            fprintf(stderr, "Failed to find a non-bad block\"n);
            err = <what ever error number fits)
            goto done;

        /* Move the file pointer along over the bad block. */
        lseek(outfd, erasesize, SEEK_CUR);

The code isn't tested and copied from one of my kernel patches I'm working on. Might need some changes due to kernel <> userspace differences.

I moved the newline in the fprintf to the end of the string and added a check if our mtd can have bad blocks at all.


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