On 09/08/2018, Alberto Busi wrote:
> Yeah I saw that. Wiki maintainers are notified of each edit in the wiki.
> Looks good, follows wiki guidelines.
> I cannot say how good it actually is, as I don't know much about manual 
> firewall usage.
> That said, many thanks for volunteering to do a cleanup, I know it's not 
> trivial,
>  ?and it needs someone that actually *knows* how to use the firewall in 
> the first place,
> which isn't a so common skill apparently.
> I'd say you can go ahead, afaik there is nothing that really *needs* to 
> be saved in the firewall section.
> Pretty much all current firewall documentation was cloned from the old wiki
> (which is now the read-only wiki.openwrt.org), and was at best split up 
> or re-arranged a bit by me.
> You can easily check this for yourself, if it's already in the old wiki 
> (and it's obsolete stuff) it can be safely removed.
> People can still access the original legacy info from the old read-only 
> wiki,
> if they need legacy info.
> -Alberto

Yes, I see all the content was moved from wiki.openwrt.org to openwrt.org/docs 
but organized a lot better.  

I suggest there is still too much mixing of firewall3 configuration, iptables 
configuration along with too much archane/confusing background information.  I 
would like to re-partition the firewall section into 
* pure firewall3 concepts (e.g. iptables interface), setup and examples, 
* iptables concepts (user-side, kmods, procfs), setup and examples,
* miscellaneous (e.g. future nftables/nf_tables support, third-party iptable 

I think everything in the current firewall docs can go into one of these 
sections or be discarded.

The easiest for me would be to have access to the openwrt.org docs filesystem 
to move/edit the markup files.  I'm also willing to provide an structure 
outline so that you/etc can lay out the structure.

But first, I'm upgrade from 17.01.5 to 18.06.0 on my testing router...

David Turvene

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