I'm working on a derivative of the qcom-ipq4019-ap.dk07.1-c1 that
is present in Kernel 4.19, but not in 4.14

In the interest of "correctness" and future maintainability,
I'd like to import from Kernel 4.19 linux/arch/arm/boot/dts/

* qcom-ipq4019-ap.dk07.1-c1.dts
* qcom-ipq4019-ap.dk07.1.dtsi

and use the upstream sources as #include in the EA8300 DTS
rather than the monolithic approach used in a previously
declined patch set for the device.

I can see a couple ways of doing this:

* target/linux/ipq40xx/patches-4.14/ -- patch in the entire files
* target/linux/ipq40xx/files-4.14/   -- add the files directly

Which is the preference of the project, or is there another approach?


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