some time ago, I've started an attempt to bring MAC addresses typically found 
on "router" device labels/stickers to OpenWrt.

As for the MAC address setup itself, this is based on DTS for all the devices 
where it can be exploited, and on 02_network for the rest.

Since the patches are "ready" for quite a while and no major changes have been 
done recently, I wanted to bring this topic to the list so it might be merged 


The attempt has already received several positive comments from other 
contributers :-)

Despite this initial PR, I've started another PR for ramips in the meantime, 
which due to the waiting should be in a mergeable state already, too:


However, the latter one is lower in priority from my point of view.

I would be happy if this was merged (and the feature was approved by that). 
This would also ease implementation for open device support PRs and patches, 
where it's currently really hard to keep track.



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