On 3/12/2019 13:54, Adrian Schmutzler wrote:
>>>> +  IMAGE/factory.bin := $$(IMAGE/sysupgrade.bin) | mkubntimage-split
>>> Can we reuse the IMAGE/factory.bin from Device/ubnt here? The only thing
>> missing compared to your line is append-metadata ...
>> I used the same as with other ubnt-wa devices. I'm not really up to date
>> on this metadata thing. Do we normally not include it in factory images?
> I overlooked the definition for other ubnt-wa devices.
> I'm also not sure whether we need the append-metadata, thus I wouldn't 
> deviate from the other ubnt-wa devices.
> So, either keep your version or move IMAGE/factory.bin definition from the 
> ubnt-wa devices to parent Device/ubnt-wa as it's the same for all ubnt-wa 
> devices.

I've addressed this and added the MAC label in my staging tree:

Thanks for your review and guidance!

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