On 2023-11-10 10:41, Shiji Yang wrote:
From: Shiji Yang <yangshij...@qq.com>

This patch allow user to perform basic bitwise clear/set operation on
OF DT MAC address. We use two new added dt-bindings to specific the
MAC address bits clear/set mask. "mac-address-bitwise-set" can be used
to set bit. And "mac-address-bitwise-clear" can be used to clear bit.

I'd like this binding to be documented and send upstream for a review.

I know 804-nvmem-core-support-mac-base-fixed-layout-cells.patch is still
not upstreamed and I'm not proud of it (I'm waiting for upstream NVMEM
layouts reword). Still we have an /official/ "mac-base" binding at
least. I'd be nice to have DT guys opinion on binding like this.

Rafał Miłecki

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