I am the head organiser of the next Battlemesh. I will also be involved
the most on organising the OpenWrt summit. Let me know if you've got any
questions. My website from my email address includes the channels other
than email to reach me more easily.


On 23 November 2023 23:54:16 EET, Paul Spooren <m...@aparcar.org> wrote:
>Hi all,
>While attending this years Battlemesh in Spain some fellow mesh people asked 
>why there weren’t more OpenWrt people around. I’m guessing it was mostly due 
>to the lack of communication in advance, so I’d like to raise the topic here: 
>Are people from the OpenWrt community, specially members and maintainers 
>interested in collaborating with and attending the Battlemesh next year?
>They’d do most of the heavy lifting and would offer us to take some 
>slots/space to do our own little OpenWrt meeting (remember the good and 
>productive days in Hamburg anno 2019). Ideally at least one OpenWrt member 
>would join their organizing team, I could do it but would also be happy if 
>someone else jumps in.
>The general idea is to have a week long Battlemesh event in Cyprus, the 
>OpenWrt part could happen both within the week, before or after, the full 
>length or only a weekend etc. To my knowledge Cyprus offers an easier VISA 
>process so more folks could join, I remember last time people wouldn’t get a 
>VISA in time.
>If we participate we should raise some donations to offer travel stipends and 
>come up with some (lighting) talks and presentations.
>I think the timeframe is “somewhen in May 2024”, this will be further 
>discussed on the Battlemesh mailing list.
>Looking forward to meet you all again!
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