On 07. 12. 2023. 12:20, Varadarajan Narayanan wrote:
On Thu, Dec 07, 2023 at 11:11:03AM +0100, Robert Marko wrote:
On 07. 12. 2023. 10:59, Varadarajan Narayanan wrote:
        SoC     : QCOM IPQ9574
        RAM     : 2GB DDR4
        Flash   : eMMC 8GB
        WiFi    : 1 x 2.4GHz
                  1 x 5GHz
                  1 x 6GHz

Signed-off-by: Varadarajan Narayanan <quic_var...@quicinc.com>
Without even looking at the code, please split this up as its
not reviewable at all currently.

Also, I would strongly encourage using Github PR for this.
This patch just has the base SoC/board support and not drivers for
WiFi/ethernet/USB etc. Can you kindly guide on what kind
of split is acceptable for the community.


I would at least split the target itself, patches and then the board itself for the start.

Also, please sort the patches by prefix such as:
0xx are backports (Kernel version from which they are backported must be marked as well)
1xx are pending
9xx are usually hacks/stuff that currently cannot be upstreamed.

Again, I would strongly encourage using Github PR for large changes such as these as its much easier to comment on certain changes and it has a lot larger reach than the OpenWrt mailing list
as not all interested parties even follow this list.


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