Hi all,

I'm working on a drop-in for Kea that will parse existing ISC-DHCP 
configurations in UCI and crank out the derivative JSON config files for Kea, 
but I have a couple of PR's that are necessary to making this happen that have 
been pending for several weeks:


The first PR takes the original ipcalc.sh (which, despite its name, was an AWK 
script for calculating subnet ranges for DHCP pools)  and rewrites it both as a 
Shell library for manipulating IP addresses, subnets, masks, prefixes, etc. as 
well as a front-end ipcalc.sh that leverages this library and provides the 
original functionality of ipcalc.sh for scripts still requiring such.

The need to rewrite as a library was so that better error checking could be 
done in the initialization script for Kea, as well as the need to associate 
host leases back to their relevant subnet (since reservations are more 
efficiently done on per-interface basis, than globally, which doesn't scale up).

The 2nd PR includes improvements to libubox's jshn.sh, in particular the 
ability to save the "cursor" as one builds multiple empty tables, and then come 
back to them (by repositioning the cursor) on a subsequent pass to populate 
them.  As you probably guessed, interface tables as created in one pass in the 
Kea init.d script, and then the host reservations are plugged into them after 
the reserved address is mapped back to the corresponding subnet/interface pair 
on the 2nd pass.

This requires "warping" the cursor to the appropriate table, as there is no 
requirement for ordering of DHCP host reservations vis-a-vis DHCP subnet 
definitions, etc.

Small COTS WAP's and low-cost routers might be good candidates for dnsmasq, but 
there are a lot of people using 1U x86_64 or ARM64 pizza boxes with a half 
dozen or more interfaces in a medium-sized or even branch enterprise scenario 
who run ISC-DHCP (and soon, hopefully, Kea).

Help me support those users by reviewing these PRs so I can move them forward 
to merger.



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