#22399: AR71xx / AR9331 UART not initialized
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 Thanks for the response.

 The OEM adopted the version of U-Boot that's included with OpenWRT.  Take
 a peek at /trunk/packages/boot and you'll find version 1.1.4 U-Boot that
 was Copy/Forked in 2003 and included in the build system.  This leaves a
 quandary and I hope you won't take offense as none is intended.  What's a
 piece of software doing in the repository, receiving commits, included in
 nightly builds, being discussed in the forums, documented in the Wiki, and
 adopted by dozens of devices as a recovery boot, if it isn't supported?

 The device is at 115200.  I ran the gambit from 300 to 230400 before
 walking the code and verifying via a partition dump.  Signal trace is what
 gave me the final clue as it was full of jitter which led to
 "uninitialized UART" results.

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