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 There's a problem.

 Currently the OpenRRCP package is written for Little Endian Machines.
 However there's a strange behavior on MIPS related to the endianess.

 The rtl83xx simply could not communicate with the switch device. It is
 sending and receiving properly the RRCP query frames, but it is not able
 to decode the received frames properly.
 It seems the problematic file is

 I've tried to debug this part on line 312 in function ''rtl83xx_scan'':
 if (len>14 && (memcmp(pktr.ether_dhost,my_mac,6)==0) &&
                 pktr.ether_type==htons(0x8899) &&
                 pktr.rrcp_proto==0x01 &&
                 pktr.rrcp_opcode==0x00 &&
                 pktr.rrcp_isreply==1 &&

 and by modifying it like that:

 if (len>14 && (memcmp(pktr.ether_dhost,my_mac,6)==0) &&
                 pktr.ether_type==0x8899 &&
                 pktr.rrcp_proto==0x40 &&
                 pktr.rrcp_opcode==0x01 &&
                 pktr.rrcp_isreply==0x00 &&

 I was able to get positive results from scanning. What I did was to remove
 ''htons()'' which basically swaps the bytes order.
 I think it should be changed the way ''pktr.rrcp_isreply'',
 ''pktr.rrcp_opcode'' and ''pktr.rrcp_proto'' are build

 Could some one fix this issue please?

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