#18959: Netgear WNR2000v3 - not applied Patch have cost me 4 hours, no flashing
possible atm
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Comment (by anonymous):

 Here as prove that the regular model ID is written in small letters. I
 flashed with serial connection the latest oem firmware that also have
 small written letters:

 Bytes transferred = 3469509 (34f0c5 hex)
 wnr2000v3 Firmware, check special case
 Firmware version > V1.1.1.39, checking HW ID

 HW ID on board: 29763551+04+32
 HW ID on image: 29763551+04+32
 Firmware Image HW ID matched Board HW ID

 MODEL ID on board: wnr2000v3
 MODEL ID on image: wnr2000v3
 Firmware Image MODEL ID matched Board model ID

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