#22842: AC performance degrades with the time on WRT1200AC
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Component:  kernel  |    Version:  Chaos Calmer 15.05
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 I just bought a WRT1200AC router and immediately installed OpenWrt on it.
 It turned out very quickly that after a reboot after some time AC wireless
 performance starts to degrade.
 It seems like this is rather related to the amount of traffic flown
 through the interface than the uptime.
 It seems like this is only affecting the speed of "Client > Internet" and
 "Internet > Client" and LAN performance is not or not that much affected.
 The wireless G seems to be okay so far, but I'm still testing.

 Other people are also complaining about this issue:

 This basically makes this device unusable as a modern AC router.

 I'm happy to provide any information needed that I'm able to to get this

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