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 The benefits of mineral makeup
 Many women like to use mineral makeup for his ability to transform his
 face as if he were treated in the editor. In practice, this appears in the
 flat, smooth and velvety skin that glows health. Among other benefits of
 mineral makeup should consider the following:

 - Mineral composition cosmetics [http://womenshealthclaimed.com/kerave-
 hair-uk/ Kerave Hair]  allows her to lie on the skin is very thin and even
 layer, thus avoiding the effect of the mask on the face

 - mineral makeup allows the skin to breathe, which is important if the
 woman makeup daily

 - mineral makeup goes well with a variety of skin types.

 - mineral makeup has a nourishing and protective properties that help to
 preserve youth and freshness of the skin during many years.

 The principle of mineral makeup is slightly different from working with
 more conventional synthetic cosmetics. For example, you must correctly
 select the tools to apply makeup. Mineral makeup brushes should be
 entirely of synthetic stack as villi will absorb natural ingredients of
 cosmetics. Typing on the makeup brush is better with bowls of special
 ceramic instead of a tube or bottle.

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