#22892: Network VLAN Multi interfac port bug fix in UCI JSON API
 Reporter:  geek007              |      Owner:  developers
     Type:  defect               |     Status:  new
 Priority:  highest              |  Milestone:  Netifd Implementation
Component:  base system          |    Version:  Chaos Calmer 15.05
 Keywords:  network VLAN netifd  |
 Network interface modification to multiple VLAN interfaces fail in CC
 UCI JSON API clearly removed this supported feature in earlier version.

 I get multiple VLAN interfaces by modifying


 from line

  ucidef_set_interfaces_lan_wan "eth0.1" "eth0.2"


 ucidef_set_interfaces_lan_wan "eth0.3 eth0.4 eth0.5 eth0.6" "eth0.2"

 separate interface for every port with port based VLAN set.

 but uci json API used in this do not allow it any more.
 At least this modification helped in get it working with multiple VLAN
 My aim was :

 br-lan eth0.1  ====>> br-lan eth0.3 eth0.4 eth0.5 eth0.6

 I tried to generate patch using quite but it could not work in

 package/base-file directory so I have generated using git .
 Hope this patch helpful for others to comment and get it to final branch.

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