Today, I attempted to load openwrt on the above hardware, using the factory firmware flash method, according to the instructions on the hardware-specific page. The 'upgrade firmware' routine returned with a failure message after only about five seconds. Thinking the image might be corrupted, I downloaded it a second time, but both copies compared equal, and still no joy. The table of hardware lists 'trunk' as the required openwrt version, yet the product-specific page indicates that the 12.09 release version is appropriate. Is that incorrect, and I should compile my own from the current svn? Is there a possibility that the TFTP load image might work? Should I set up the right environment for tftp and try that image?

Assuming that I'm able to get openwrt loaded, and at some point I wish to re-flash with a newer release, how might I do it? Is the TFTP flash routine built-in to the hardware, or is it part of the factory firmware, and will disappear with a successful flash of openwrt? If I want to use the Luci facility to upgrade the firmware, what is an 'appropriate image'? Would I use the 'factory' version, the 'tftp' version, or something else?

Rick Green

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