FYI, it seems to be a bug in kernel used by LEDE 17.01.4.

I just tested with current snapshot and it simply worked without any change.


Em ter, 27 de mar de 2018 às 17:45, Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca <> escreveu:

> Hello,
> I'm configuring IPv6 with multihoming connections on LEDE Reboot 17.01.4
> r3560-79f57e422d. For IPv4, NAT easily deal with it. However, for IPv6, I
> have two options: NPT or NETMAP.
> For each wan6 interface...
>   ip6tables --table nat --append POSTROUTING --source      $ula
> --out-interface $ifdev --jump NETMAP --to $ip6prefix
>   ip6tables --table nat --append PREROUTING  --destination $ip6prefix
> --in-interface $ifdev --jump NETMAP --to $ula
> 2) SNPT/DNPT (Network Prefix Translation)
> For each wan6 interface...
>  ip6tables --table mangle --append POSTROUTING --source      $ula
>  --out-interface $ifdev --jump SNPT --src-pfx $ula      --dst-pfx
> $ip6prefix
>  ip6tables --table mangle --append PREROUTING  --destination $ip6prefix
> --in-interface $ifdev --jump DNPT --src-pfx $ip6prefix --dst-pfx $ula
>  ip6tables --table raw    --append PREROUTING --destination  $ip6prefix
> --jump CT --notrack
> NPT seems to be the "standard" way to do it. However, at least in Linux, I
> cannot use conntrack (a known limitation). Without connection state, I
> cannot have the same level of security that I have with NAT44. So, it is
> really not an option.
> NETMAP simply works as expected until I tested the connection to a lower
> MTU host:
> The router receives ICMPv6 type 2 informing its max MTU of 1280. It passes
> without being touched through all ip6tables chains but disappears without
> being forwarded to internal machine. It looks like NETMAP consume it. It
> did not hit nat PREROUTING rule, so I guess kernel assumed it was related
> to the existing connection.
> I also tested without firewall (only manually inserting NETMAP rules) and
> the result is the same.
> NPT do forwards ICMPv6 type 2 but, as I said, I cannot use it because I
> need a stateful firewall.
> Has anyone used something like this? Do I need a special syctl setting for
> making it work?
> Regards,
> --
> Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca

Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca
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