Dear OpenXPKI Fellows,

With the upcoming release of OpenXPKI 2.0 and the increase of activity on the mailing list, it's time for the next workshop. The team of OpenXPKI core developers would like to invite you to our event:

    Title:  OpenXPKI Workshop 2.0
    Topics: Basic OXI features, PKI tips and Use Cases
    When:   May 15th, 2018
    Where:  Munich, Germany (please R.S.V.P. for location details)

The workshop agenda is:

9:00 - Meet and Greet

* informal get together, with coffee, tea and pretzels

10:00 - Basic OpenXPKI Features and General PKI Tips

* workflow and process engine
* concept of CA realms, CA generations and seamless rollover
* standard interfaces (WebUI, SCEP, EST, RPC, SOAP)
* accessing external data sources using "Connector"

12:00 - Lunch

* light lunch with sandwiches

12:45 - Use Cases Based on Actual Projects

* 802.1x network authentication for Windows clients
* enrollment of devices using SCEP with approval via ServiceNow CMDB
* KPI reporting based on certificate metadata using Elasticsearch/Kibana

15:00 - Hands-On Session

* implementing a simple HTTP lookup for domain validation in the OpenXPKI standard enrollment workflow
* managing and deploying customer configuration files

16:30 - End of Workshop

* OpenXPKI 2.0 release party begins -- feel free to join!

Capacity is limited, so please send an informal email to to reserve your seat.

The workshop is organized and sponsored by White Rabbit Security GmbH, so there is no charge for attending. Special thanks to AMAN Media GmbH for generously providing us with the venue.

Looking forward to meet you!

Oliver, on behalf of the OpenXPKI core developers

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