Hi Oliver,

On Dienstag, 20. September 2016 16:09:46 CEST Oliver Welter wrote:
> this can be done using the "Connector" patterns - check handler.yaml and
> connector.yaml in the auth/ directory for the example named "Password
> Connector".
> Replace the YAML connector with Connector::Builtin::Authentication::LDAP
> from the connector package.

Hmmm - despite having a background of multiple years programming perl, my 
perl-foo is not getting me anywhere here. Tried to look at the source, but 
couldn't find any indication of Connector::Builtin::Authentication::LDAP - 
there are hints in the man pages (e.g. in OpenXPKI::Server::Authentication), 
but there's no man page for the LDAP module.

I managed to get my LDAP handler shown in the initial login dialog, but 
afterwards I got "server authentication incorrect handler".

So - can I be sure, that LDAP authentication is supported in the current 1.13 
release? Can anybody provide *any* config examples?

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