> I had a look at the CertNanny Project and want to setup certnanny.
> I got a bit stuck and took a look at the release.
> There are a few newer RC available.
> Which is the most stable version from certnanny, which can be used on Linux 
> and Windows?
> sscep is working fine already. No issues with that anymore.
> I am looking forward to get things more automated asap.

I am the original author of CertNanny but transferred project administration 
and development to other maintainers around 2013. 
These maintainers have left the project and CertNanny is effectively not being 
maintained currently.
Frankly, I am not too happy how the project evolved after I transferred the 
project, and I cannot currently recommend to use the head release of CertNanny 
or any version after v0.10 (which is the last one I worked on myself). 

If I were to use the OpenSource version of CertNanny myself now, I'd probably 
check out version v0.10 and take it from there. I consider this version to be 
fairly stable, and I know of installations with this version which have been 
running for years and years, automatically renewing certificates over time 
without human interaction. I also know that it works with Windows as well.

However, if you are interested in a very similar and supported solution, White 
Rabbit Security provides a modern rewrite of CertNanny as a commercial product. 
If you are interested in this solution please get in touch with us directly.



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