---- Georg Lukas ha scritto ----

>Hello together,
>due to the huge amounts of spam coming from abandoned servers, I want to
>propose a Letter of Intent for Public Jabber Servers to fight spammers
>locally and to make a clear public statement that we are going to block
>abandoned servers and to publicize their domain names for others to
>I have prepared a Jabber Spam Fighting Manifesto, available at
>If you run a public server and are committed to fighting outbound and
>inbound spam, please review the text and let me know if you would agree
>to sign it. Please do not sign it *yet*, in case there is feedback
>requiring changes to the text. Please provide any such feedback until
>February 28th.
>Kind regards,
>Inofficial XMPP SPAM Team: Spam Protection and Abuse Management

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