On Thu, Feb 08, 2018 at 02:27:50PM +0100, Jan Pinkas wrote:
> We need technical solutions:
> 1. Default behavior: don't accept messages from contacts without
> subscription. This is default for other IM systems.

This is not the default for the most popular IM system: SMS.

Please do not implement this on your server, otherwise many useful services 
(such as those that emulate or integrate with SMS) will not work anymore, and 
your users will have no idea why.

There are lots of other ways to combat spam.  I've outlined the steps used in 
the Prosody configuration that I and some friends use here: 
https://lists.debian.org/debian-rtc/2018/02/msg00000.html .

I built and operate https://jmp.chat/ (JMP) - a service that lets you send and 
receive text and picture messages using a real phone number from your existing 
XMPP account.  Though we like to advertise that XMPP is great and you can use 
any XMPP server with JMP, we realistically won't be able to do that much 
longer, exactly because server operators are starting to use the "strategy" you 
described.  We constantly have to debug situations where a user's server 
suddenly stops allowing messages from contacts not in their roster, and it is 
very painful, both for us and the user.  We do maintain a list of recommended 
servers at https://jmp.chat/suggested_servers.html but not everyone wants to 
use one of those (or maybe has an account elsewhere already).

I really don't want to create a public list of non-recommended servers (i.e. 
those that do not work well with JMP and other SMS services because they 
silently ignore messages from contacts not in their users' rosters).  So please 
use other spam-fighting techniques instead, such as those discussed in the 
Manifesto, and those at 
https://lists.debian.org/debian-rtc/2018/01/msg00005.html .

I'm happy to respond to any questions about this or about JMP generally.  
Thanks, everyone, for your work to improve the state of XMPP servers!


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