Dear OPM community,

We have recently made changes to the module structure that affects those who 
use the latest sources from github.

1. opm-grid and opm-core
We have moved the remaining grid-related parts out of opm-core and into 
opm-grid. So far, all headers still have
the same directory names as before (i.e. opm/core/grid/GridManager.hpp) but 
that will probably change (we intend
to collect all grid-related things under opm/core/).

In the process, opm-grid has also become independent of opm-core, however since 
there are still many parts of opm-core
that depend on the grid parts, opm-core now depends on opm-grid. This is a 
reversal of the previous situation (opm-grid used
to depend on opm-core), and the recommended build order has therefore changed.

2. opm-simulators and ewoms.
The opm-simulators module now depends on ewoms (this is related to the merging 
of flow_ebos recently).
This also causes a change to the recommended build order.

We strongly recommend deleting the build-directories of these modules and 
rebuilding to ensure that they are
built correctly. None of these changes affect the last release version 
(2016.10), but they will affect the next.
Updated information can be found on the web site: (building from source, build order) (module organization)

Good luck, and feel free to ask for help if you have any trouble!

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