Hi Jonas,
The scenario release notes should be included in the installer release notes.
Information about this was sent out Wednesday this week and since we expect to 
have all document links collected no later than Sunday this week this work 
should be finalized in accordance to that time plan.
But as stated in the email that I sent out, scenario owners and installer PTL's 
are asked to agree on how to handle this best.


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Subject: [tech-discuss][docs] What is the final decision on scenario release 

What was the final decision on where the scenario release-notes goes in?
If it is going to be in the installer release notes, the scenario owners must 
post their patches ASAP,
i.e. during the week-end.
In Fuel we plan to cut RC3 on Monday (Which will likely be the release 
version), after that point we don't want anything more go into the stable 
branch, unless it is SUPER CRITICAL.

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